About the American Coast Theater Company

Welcome to the official site of American Coast Theatre Company! ACTC is a professional, non-profit theatre company in South Orange County, and I would like to invite you to become an active participant in ACTC!

We're looking for passionate, business minded board members who love the arts. We're also looking for Friends of ACTC who are willing to support our efforts through ongoing gifts. ACTC has received tax exempt status, and our tax ID number is available upon request for all gifts and donations.

If you would like to partner with ACTC in these efforts, please email me at sberkompas@vanguard.edu, or by calling 714-619-6424.

Come join the fun!

Susan K. Berkompas
Producing Artistic Director

ACTC Mission

As the founding members of American Coast Theater Company in collaboration with Vanguard University, we are committed to producing professional theatre with artistic excellence and high production value.

We are also committed to producing works that may inspire hope or self-reflection through the eyes of the characters that struggle with their own humanity. We believe in stories that offer the possibility of enlightenment which can be life changing. Our goal is to produce works from the American and internation dramatic canon. We will also nurture the development of new American playwrights.

We are deeply rooted in the artistic traditions of theatre, and believe in the examination of the human condition as well as the potential for personal and social redemption revealed through thought provoking story telling.

Vanguard University Theatre Arts Program

All-Around Excellence
Our reputation for excellence is reaching far and wide and drawing students from throughout the U.S. and some other continents to join the VUSC theatre department to perfect their theatrical skills and get a well-rounded life-enhancing education. Confirmation of the high quality work is proven by the fact that The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival has invited VUSC to participate in its Western Region competition three times in the last five years, which is an unheard of frequency for a program of its size. And the LA Times Daily Pilot has ranked VUSC productions number one in local college/university theatre programs over the past four years.

Working Together
The VUSC theatre program could not function without its community partnerships. For the last three years, an overwhelming amount of consistent participation in our Friends of the Lyceum Theater development program has brought us to more than half of our fund-raising goal for the Lyceum Renovation Project, which began in 2006 with the installation of permanent padded stadium seating and will continue in its next phase with a fully developed lobby and restroom facilities. Open Forum discussions with the audience continue to be a highlight for many who desire inside information about behind-the-scenes activities and the integration of faith and learning. The invitation to see the students’ work in senior projects also continues to be a favorite through the Senior Showcase series.

Theatre at its Best
Once again, this season is a collection of shows that promises the best in wholesome entertainment presented in an intimate theater setting. There are stories that tickle the funnybone and tug at the heartstrings, or challenge the intellect and charge the emotions, or force toes to tap and melodies to linger. The $66.00 season subscription to all six shows is the best value and guarantees seat selection in advance. Please call the Lyceum Theater Box Office at (714) 668-6145 to purchase tickets.

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